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English debate left us wanting much more from our leaders


Re Liberals’ vaccine stance gets my mujo working, Sept. 11 First of all, the English debate format was disappoint­ing. The leaders were just like children taking a multiple choice exam: attacking each other rather than answering the questions that concern Canadians.

Conservati­ve Leader Erin O’Toole’s platform: pro-gun ownership, no clear direction of gun control, increasing oil consumptio­ns to create more green jobs (which makes no sense), cancelling the $10 national-child-care plan. Many experts agree vaccinatio­n can curl down this virus before we can get our economic recovery, but O’Toole backs unvaccinat­ed as a choice.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh promises many good things, but is not able to tell Canadians how he can succeed.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was too busy responding to attacks from the other leaders instead of telling Canadians what more he can do for us in the future.

Thuan Truong, Toronto

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