Toronto Star

Two films shown at TIFF pirated


Two of Netflix’s most-prized 2021 festival movies have leaked online after debuting as part of the digital offerings of the Toronto Internatio­nal Film Festival.

Jane Campion’s “The Power of the Dog,” starring Benedict

Cumberbatc­h, and the Antoine Fuqua thriller “The Guilty,” led by Jake Gyllenhaal, both appeared on pirate websites Monday.

It was not immediatel­y clear if TIFF showings were the source of the pirated copies or if they came from elsewhere.

However, both movies premiered over the weekend as part of TIFF’s hybrid festival model with screenings in theatres as well as virtually across the country.

The leaks are a nightmare scenario for Netflix, which opted to sit out most of last year’s film festivals but returned in recent months with some of their buzziest upcoming movies.

Piracy can erode a film’s prospects at the box office and derail some of the buzz that builds ahead of awards season for festival titles.

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