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Grey is the new dark brown


Re Grey gets makeover during pandemic, Sept. 24

As a lady of more than 70 who has been dying her dark brown hair for more than 30 years, this really hit home.

When COVID-19 hit and to my horror, the hairdresse­rs closed for many months, I decided to colour my own hair. This was not a good idea.

Finally, hair salons opened up again, and I returned to my old regimen.

One day, my hairdresse­r suggested that I let her do something completely different.

She stripped out the dye left in my hair and made it almost completely white with a touch of blond.

At first, every single morning when I got out of bed and saw myself, it was such a shock. Then I started trying on almost everything in my closet, and have finally come to the conclusion that my new white hair looks incredibly glamorous, my clothing somehow looks better, especially bright colours, and black looks fabulous. I love it.

Paula Brine-Hogan, Scarboroug­h

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