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NBA: ‘Dave from Basketball Digest’ grills Durant

- USA Today

A reporter at the Brooklyn Nets’ media day on Monday introduced himself as “Dave from Basketball Digest” and proceeded to ask Kevin Durant a question.

Dave from Basketball Digest then asked Durant, “Kevin, why do people call you K.D.?”

Dave from Basketball Digest turned out to be longtime latenight talk show host and interviewe­r extraordin­aire David Letterman.

Durant played along for a bit: “My first name is Kevin with a K. My last name is Durant with a D.”

“This year, what percentage do you plan on giving on the court — 90, 95, 100, 110? What are we looking at?” Letterman said. Durant answered 110.

“They’ll let anybody in here,” Durant said after Letterman asked two more questions.

“Hey, I heard that,” Letterman said as he left the interview room.

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