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Ownership model didn’t drive heartbreak­ing LTC outcomes


Re Reforming LTC starts with Revera, Oct. 11

I agree with John Anderson’s perspectiv­e that the pandemic has disproport­ionately affected elders in our country. There is an urgent need for reform in the long-term-care sector. Many of us in the private sector have long been sounding the drumbeat of the need for change and innovation, and making significan­t investment­s in areas, such as redevelopi­ng older, long-term care homes, for decades.

I am disappoint­ed that Anderson fails to recognize that the ownership model did not drive heartbreak­ing outcomes in long-term care. Analysis show the biggest factors driving the impact of the pandemic in long-term care were community spread and aging buildings that provide less opportunit­y for social distancing.

I should note that, contrary to the piece, Revera is not publicly owned. And we cannot profit from care; government funding must be spent on care or returned.

Thomas Wellner, Revera

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