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How well do you know Toronto? Take Jamie Bradburn’s quiz to find out



In which theatre, currently named after Ed Mirvish, did the chandelier crash down daily during the long run of “Phantom of the Opera,” from 1989 to 1999?

a) Hummingbir­d Centre b) New Yorker c) Pantages d) Winter Garden


Which subway station complex contained, until 2004, a movator connecting the lines that ran through it?

a) Bloor-Yonge b) Sheppard-Yonge c) Spadina d) St. George


When Marvel hero Shang-Chi, currently played by Toronto-bred actor Simu Liu, made his comic book debut in 1973, he was the son of which controvers­ial Asian villain created by British novelist Sax Rohmer?

a) Dr. No b) Fu Manchu c) Ming the Merciless d) Yellow Claw


In which regal neighbourh­ood, developed by Robert Home Smith, will you find numerous homes designed in the Arts and Crafts architectu­ral style?

a) Agincourt b) Kingsway c) Regent Park d) Victoria Village


One of the first English-language cookbooks compiled in Canada was published by the Toronto-based Christian Guardian in 1840. Credited to “A.B. of Grimsby,” what was this recipe collection called?

a) “The Frugal Housewife’s Manual” b) “The Home and Church Book of Domestic Cookery and Craft” c) “The Lake Ontario Family Almanack of Food” d) “The Meals and Beverages of Upper Canadian Households”


Oct. 23 is National

TV Talk Show Host Day. During the 1960s and 1970s, Elwood Glover chatted with local and internatio­nal celebritie­s on CBLT’s “Luncheon Date,” filmed at which now-defunct downtown hotel?

a) Four Seasons Motor Hotel b) Holiday Inn Chestnut Street c) Lord Simcoe Hotel d) Westbury Hotel


Which major railway company built the Royal York Hotel?

a) Canadian National b) Canadian Pacific c) Grand Trunk d) New York Central


Why did Mayor John Hutchison write a resignatio­n letter in the fall of 1857, only for several city councillor­s to persuade him to finish out his term that year?

a) Doctors ordered him to stay in bed while recovering from a carriage accident b) He admitted to having a child out of wedlock c) He was a suspect in a murder case d) His personal business had gone bankrupt


Prior to the 1972-73 hockey season, Maple Leafs goalie Bernie Parent was among the first NHL stars to jump to the upstart World Hockey Associatio­n. Which team, which never played a game, did Parent sign with?

a) Calgary Broncos b) Dayton Arrows c) Miami Screaming Eagles d) San Francisco Sharks


A Zellers pop-up recently appeared in Burlington. Which shopping centre did the last Zellers store in Toronto operate in as a liquidatio­n outlet until 2020?

a) Albion Centre b) Kipling-Queensway Mall c) North York Sheridan Mall d) Woodside Square


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