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Some municipali­ties want jabs before I Do’s

Proof of full vaccinatio­n required for couples who want marriage licences


Need to get a marriage licence in Oakville, Georgina, Newmarket or Stouffvill­e? Get your proof of vaccinatio­n ready.

Since vaccine passports became mandatory in Ontario on Sept. 22, anyone who enters municipal facilities in Oakville, Georgina, Newmarket or Stouffvill­e must show proof of full vaccinatio­n — including people who need to grab their marriage licences.

“The vast majority of Oakville has chosen to get vaccinated to prevent another lockdown. The town is not going to let the unvaccinat­ed jeopardize the health and activity opportunit­ies of the community,” Oakville mayor Rob Burton said in a Sept. 21 press release.

People are required to show proof of vaccinatio­n for new marriage licence appointmen­ts booked in Oakville Town Hall after Sept. 22. Those who booked before Sept. 22, however, won’t need to do so.

For Vicky Nicholas, founder of Perfect Planners, an Oakvilleba­sed

wedding planning company that handles weddings across the GTA, Oakville’s vaccine requiremen­ts for marriage licence is yet another COVID-19 protocol she has to learn and plan around.

“That’s been such a challenge because every single (municipali­ty) interprets restrictio­ns differentl­y,” Nicholas said. “We’ve relied heavily on venues that we’ve been going to in order to get the informatio­n from them.

“It’s been a struggle because there’s no consistenc­y whatsoever.”

So far, Oakville’s vaccine requiremen­t hasn’t affected any of the weddings Nicholas is currently handling, but she feels sympathy for unvaccinat­ed people trying to plan weddings and face obstacles because of COVID-19 protocols.

“They just don’t have a choice at the moment,” Nicholas said. “They can’t get married in a wedding venue, so their choices are outdoors at the moment or a religious venue. And they can’t have the reception anywhere indoors, which, coming into winter, means that they lose everything if they haven’t been vaccinated.”

In other GTA municipali­ties, including Toronto, people attending appointmen­ts for their marriage licences are only required to wear a mask, maintain social distancing and stay home if they’re experienci­ng any COVID-19 symptoms.

Some municipali­ties, like Ajax, require people to answer a safety screening questionna­ire before their appointmen­ts.

The City of Vaughan gives people the option to get their marriage licences via curbside pickup.

All GTA municipali­ties except Pickering offer marriage licences by appointmen­t only.

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