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Ontario needs to reveal the science behind its decisions


Re Doug Ford expected to lift COVID-19 capacity restrictio­ns for restaurant­s, bars and gyms as part of ‘pandemic plan 2.0’, Oct. 13

Dr. Kieran Moore announced that any additional reopening will be “slow, gradual and cautious.” This was not the case when Ontario suddenly announced that sports and other entertainm­ent venues would be able to go to full capacity. Was it just coincidenc­e the Leafs’ season opener was only days away? Here you had 20,000 people sitting next to each other, eating and drinking.

Dr. Moore, can you show us the medical science that shows this is a safer situation than restaurant­s, where even at full capacity, they are seated much farther apart? Just like when the Ontario government allowed big-box stores to remain fully open while keeping small businesses closed, they are acting in the interest of big business, not the small business owner. Michael Liotta, Toronto

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