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Proportion­al representa­tion holds politician­s to account


Re Canadians among biggest energy users even as world moves toward net zero emissions, Oct. 14

It’s been known for a long time that Canada punches far above its weight in per-capita greenhouse gas emissions. We do this despite having ample flowing water for hydroelect­ricity and wide open spaces for wind turbines.

However, we’re also a laggard in public transporta­tion and energy-efficient building, while massively subsidizin­g our fossil fuel industries — to the point that our government even purchased a white-elephant pipeline so that its owners wouldn’t lose money.

A major reason why Canada and the U.S. underperfo­rm compared with Europe is that it uses proportion­al representa­tion almost exclusivel­y. People around the world want government­s to take action on climate change, but only proportion­al representa­tion allows them to hold politician­s to account should they fail.

Gary Dale, Toronto

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