Toronto Star

Looser dress code suits Matthews

- Kevin McGran

The Maple Leafs’ younger players finally got their way with a relaxed dress code on game days, something closer to business casual. That gets them out of the sport’s restrictiv­e but typically mandatory — even in minor hockey — jacket-and-tie policy.

“Just trying to keep it profession­al, but certainly we’ve tried to give a little more freedom, relaxing just a little bit. And I think it’s gone well,” said 31year-old captain John Tavares. “I don’t think anyone will worry too much about what I wear compared to some of the other guys.”

Centre Auston Matthews — featured on a recent cover of ESPN The Magazine (photo) — is typically deemed the best dressed.

“It’s nice to kind of mix it up a little bit,” said the 24-year-old Matthews. “Just do your own thing. Whatever makes you happy. It doesn’t matter to me.”

Coach Sheldon Keefe stayed out of the debate: “I’m more focused on how they’re performing when they’re in their equipment.”

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