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The deal with Kyrie is clear-cut

- Doug Smith

I’ve never been a Kyrie Irving fan. I’ve always found his shenanigan­s and his me-first attitude to be very off-putting. I used to think he was bad for basketball, but now I feel he’s also bad for society, considerin­g his “what’s best for me” attitude regarding the vaccine. What is your take on Kyrie?

— Richard F.

I think Irving is and was fully aware of the conditions to his participat­ion with the Nets and chose — selfishly — to ignore them. And he should suffer the consequenc­es. And the rest of it is all noise, to me. I think there is a need to act in the best interests of a team and a society, but if he doesn’t want to do that I don’t see any reason to amplify his actions.

Looking a few years down the road, do you think Dalano Banton has the potential to be a starting PG/SG in the league?

— Ryan

Banton’s made great strides since the Summer League and if he stays on that track, improves his shooting and stays healthy, he could absolutely start in the NBA. That’s a few seasons away, though.

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