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Highway plans will exacerbate climate crisis


Return to building sprawl, Nov. 25

Having moved to Ontario just eight years ago, I was unaware of the history of Mike Harris’s premiershi­p, in particular the roadmap designed 25 years ago that is oddly similar to Ford’s current proposal.

That subsequent government­s rejected those plans for urban sprawl in favour of protecting sensitive lands shows how wisdom prevails over the interests of developers and speculator­s.

It is sad to see the return of those destructiv­e plans so many years later in shameful disregard for the future of our communitie­s.

Ford’s revived Harris plan for Highway 413 and the Bradford Pass are an insult to our intelligen­ce, and, worse, an insult to the environmen­t.

Margarida Krause, Guelph, Ont.

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