How over­nur­tur­ing af­fects your kids

Toronto Sun - - LIFE -

Gain and then pain? Re­search by Dr. David Bre­de­hoft re­ports that the overindulged are at risk for hav­ing the fol­low­ing dif­fi­cul­ties:

■ Need im­me­di­ate grat­i­fi­ca­tion and have poor self-con­trol

■ Have an overblown sense of en­ti­tle­ment

■ Are un­grate­ful

■ Have poor bound­aries

■ Are ma­te­ri­al­is­tic

■ Have over­spend­ing and overeat­ing prob­lems

■ Have goals of wealth, fame and im­age, and do not want mean­ing­ful re­la­tion­ships, per­sonal growth or mak­ing the com­mu­nity bet­ter

■ Have not learned valu­able adult life skills

■ Are ir­re­spon­si­ble

■ Don’t know what is enough

■ Have dif­fi­culty giv­ing up be­ing the cen­tre of at­ten­tion

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