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Re “Cops say drivers still aren’t get­ting drunk-driv­ing mes­sage” (Kevin Con­nor, Dec. 3): The num­bers will never be­come zero as long as they keep the im­paired num­ber so low that it is im­pos­si­ble for so­ci­ety to keep it. It is much like the speed limit on the 400-se­ries high­ways: 100 km is far too low a speed, some peo­ple obey it, but most don’t. 0.05 for a warn­ing and 0.08 for im­paired is far too low if they cared about drunk driv­ing. Drink­ing and driv­ing is not il­le­gal, if it were, the limit would be zero and if that is what so­ci­ety wants, then put the limit there. But so­ci­ety wants to be able to have a wine with din­ner out — the prob­lem is when so­ci­ety has two. Now two beers does not make some­one im­paired, but it will be over the le­gal limit. Let’s raise the limit to 0.15 with zero tol­er­ance and an au­to­matic five years in jail. Keep the limit as it is for drivers in­volved in a ve­hic­u­lar ac­ci­dent if at fault for the ac­ci­dent. That would give peo­ple the abil­ity to have two or three beers, which is plenty with­out the fear of penalty, and tar­get ac­tual drunk drivers.


(Raising the limit will likely never be an op­tion, even if there were changes made to the penal­ties)

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