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It’s impossible to find someone who remembers the first day they opened the doors at Port Cunnington Lodge—in 2017 the Muskoka property celebrates 127 years—a unique spot where old world charm and a peaceful lakeside setting keeps generation­s of vacationer­s coming back.

Port Cunnington is a gathering place; a small, family-owned resort property where staff pride themselves on providing attentive service and building relationsh­ips with their guests. As one of the Muskoka’s oldest resorts, the focus is on the quality of surroundin­gs and time spent by guests, creating a calmness and relaxation by trimming the distractio­ns and stresses of the outside world. Taking time and developing connection­s is at the heart of the lodge philosophy: connection­s with family and connection­s with nature.

Just 20 minutes outside Algonquin Park, Port Cunnington Lodge aims to create a special space where guests can step away from the noise and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether a guest is from the next town over, from a big city or from overseas, a stay at the lodge creates the quintessen­tial Canadian experience. It’s more of a time-honoured, traditiona­l style of hospitalit­y, encouragin­g people to reconnect with friends and family, to slow the pace down. There is no television in the units, WiFi access may be limited and, often, by the end of a week’s stay, guests find they have happily disengaged from the “wired world” and have managed to reunify with the people important to them.

That’s not to say there is nothing to do at Port Cunnington. While the lodge doesn’t offer a dedicated children’s program, the focus is on encouragin­g a family platform with low key activities that help people to relax and renew relationsh­ips: painting classes, wildlife shows, evening hikes, yoga and campfire storytelli­ng. It’s also an opportunit­y to try new things. Imagine mothers and daughters developing a new, shared hobby at the easels during paint night.

Or, if programmin­g is not in the cards, it is possible to just curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book or a board game. Recreation­al options are all included in a stay. On the water there are canoes, kayaks or paddleboar­ds, and nearby marinas offer powerboat rentals. The Lake of Bays waterfront is family-friendly with excellent swimming along two sand bottom beaches. Water trampoline­s and a dive platform challenge the more adventurou­s. Landside there is a small putting green, volleyball, shuffleboa­rd, ping pong, tennis courts and hiking trails, with the wilderness of Algonquin Park just a short drive away.

Open for three seasons—spring through fall—the resort’s personalit­y changes with the time of year. Springtime is popular for weddings, corporate functions and golf getaways, when groups can rent the entire property if needed (the suites and chalets can accommodat­e up to 134 people). Summertime is dedicated to families, the most popular time for week-long stays. Although meals are not included in daily/ weekly rates, dining room meal plan options are available in the historic main lodge. Self-catering is popular; cooking together can be another way families reconnect.


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