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Canada stretches over six time zones all of which are behind Coordinate­d Universal Time (UTC). Time zones stated are universal throughout North America:

Sections of Northwest Territorie­s (NT) and Nunavut (NU) relate to provincial time zones geographic­ally to the south. Labrador uses Atlantic Standard Time except for a small southeast area which is on Newfoundla­nd and Labrador Standard Time.

The 24-hour clock is used on air, train and bus schedules. Daylight saving time is in effect from the second Sunday in March, when the clock is put forward one hour, to the first Sunday in November. Saskatchew­an, the eastern reaches of Québec’s north shore, Nunavut’s Southampto­n Island/Coral Harbour, some eastern sections of British Columbia near the Alberta border, and a few remote areas in northweste­rn Ontario do not use daylight saving time.

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