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‘I hope the authentici­ty will be one of the main selling points’

Clare video game designer is creating an adventure game based on Clare


Chad Comeau remembers playing classic video games with his grandmothe­r when he was growing up in Clare.

Some of his favourites were Super Mario and Zelda, which he played on a Nintendo.

“Ever since then I’ve always been curious to learn more about them,” he said.

In Comeau’s first year of university, when he was studying in Moncton, one of his friends found a computer program where they could make their own role-playing video games (RPG).

After working on a few small games with friends, he knew he wanted to do more.

He graduated from university with a translatio­n degree. He worked for four years in that field while working on video games in his free time and on his lunch breaks.

Something about video games has always fascinated him, ever since he started playing them with his grandmothe­r. Comeau knew he had to pursue his dream in creating games.

Comeau has worked on many small projects, some collaborat­ions with other designers. Last September he produced a game with a friend, all about donairs, and previously an adventure game about a Frenchy’s shopping trip.

“I thought about this for a while and after working on so many side projects, I thought hey, I should make this work full-time.”

He applied to a video game design course in Koln, Germany, at the Cologne Game Lab. It’s a public school so it has free tuition, but it’s a hard school to get into, he says.

“I didn’t think I’d ever get in, but since I’ve worked on so many games in the past, I think that gave me an advantage,” he says. “Once I got accepted, everything became so real.”

The course is a three-year program and Comeau has completed his first year. Now he’s back in Clare working on a new project.

Comeau is making an adventure game all about the Municipali­ty of Clare.

He plans to include some of Clare’s small traditions like the annual canoe trip, as well as legends and myths passed along through generation­s in Clare.

“My approach is to make a lot of small weird games, because if you make a commercial game, a generic game to sell to the worldwide market, how are you going to make it special? But if I make a donair game or an Acadian game, then just because of the subjects, it will be more special for more people,” he says. “I try to convey something with the games, you know, you play it and it’s not just purely for fun or to make money off of it. You can almost walk away with more knowledge or an understand­ing of a subject.”

He’s been working on the project for the past year while in Germany. He’s partnered with the Acadian Studies program at Université Sainte-Anne to research all the details he needs to complete the game.

He has a two-year timeline to finish the game. With a year already gone, he plans to have it finished by August 2019.

Comeau is also asking for some public input. His vision for the game is to feature stories from residents of Clare and to record their voices to appear in his game.

“One of the pillars of this project is working with the community

because the process of creating games is usually just, the company does it, then they put out the game and people buy it. But you know there’s other ways of doing it,” Comeau said.

He’s asking for suggestion­s and hopes to start recording stories in early 2019.

“Every character in the game will be performed by someone in the region,” he says. “It’s taking a participat­ory approach to making the game.”

Comeau admits he’s not great at computer programing and coding, so the technical barriers have caused him some troubles along the way. For the Clare game, he plans to use some real photos of the municipali­ty to give the game a more realistic approach.

“I hope the authentici­ty will be one of the main selling points. It will be stories from the region, with pictures from the region, with voices from the region and also environmen­tal sounds. Like if you go to the wharf you’ll hear the seagulls and the wind will actually be captured from the region. Which is very rare for a game to be geographic­ally specific to a region.”

Comeau believes his game will be popular in Clare, but he hopes to see it played worldwide too.

His favourite part of the job is having creative freedom. He gets to visualize a plan and see that plan come to life. But he also enjoys seeing players’ reactions to the games.

“If people enjoy it, I mean that’s all I can hope for.”

When the game is finished, Comeau plans to host a launch party in Clare.

The game will be a longer-styled adventure game, mainly in French but with the option to play in English.

“It was my dream to do this full-time, it has been a little overwhelmi­ng with the switch. Because within a month of applying, I found out I was going to Germany and I could leave my job to work on this project. It’s a lot to handle and manage but I’m obviously super grateful that it all panned out and I can wake up every day and go work on a game.”

 ?? SUBMITTED ?? A screenshot of some of the projects Clare video game designer Chad Comeau has worked on.
SUBMITTED A screenshot of some of the projects Clare video game designer Chad Comeau has worked on.
 ?? SUBMITTED ?? Chad Comeau is designing an adventure game based on Clare.
SUBMITTED Chad Comeau is designing an adventure game based on Clare.

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