Bar­ring­ton Pas­sage au­thor launches book


A novel writ­ten by Blair (R.B) Brown of Bar­ring­ton Pas­sage al­most has you at the ti­tle – Souli­tude.

Of­fi­cially launched at the Wes­ley Com­mu­nity Her­itage Cen­tre in Bar­ring­ton on Sept. 30, the work of fic­tion car­ries a mes­sage through­out that Brown hopes reaches each reader right to their soul.

“I wrote a book. I still don’t know why yet, but it was some­thing I had to do,” said Brown dur­ing the launch.

Brown said he played around with the idea of writ­ing the book af­ter he lost his wife of 60 years, Shyr­lie, and af­ter hav­ing a few ses­sions with medium Rita Cros­bie, which is some­thing he and Shyr­lie had also done.

“It stuck with me, I be­lieved in the soul. I kicked it around in my head a bit. Some­body once said write the first true sen­tence and from then on it was al­most like au­to­matic writ­ing. I would get up in the morn­ing and start writ­ing and had no prob­lem,” he said. “There was never a blank. It was just amaz­ing. It flowed.

“I cre­ated the char­ac­ters (in the book) and I would get up in the morn­ing and I couldn’t wait to join that fam­ily…it was such fun. I hated to lose them,” he added. “I un­der­stand now why there are some au­thors who will de­velop char­ac­ters that go on book af­ter book af­ter book. I think I know why now. I’m sorry I ended mine the way I did.”

Brown talked about when he started rolling the idea of a book around in his head.

“I was think­ing one day if the soul doesn’t die, which is a proven fact, and the soul is en­ergy and can’t be de­stroyed, can there be mur­der? I thought about this for a long time. I thought no that doesn’t work. Would that be a story and fi­nally I de­cided ya, why not? Hun­dreds of books have been writ­ten about the soul,” he said.

“The ev­i­dence that points to it is over­whelm­ing, but no one has car­ried it to the ex­treme that I had pre­dicted so I put that in the other half of the book. I think it worked out,” he said, adding he thor­oughly en­joyed the ex­pe­ri­ence.

Brown also said he didn’t do it for money.

“The mes­sage is what I want to get out and the mes­sage is there. Fact is hid­den in fic­tion and that way its not so hard to take. It’s more sub­tle. I hope more peo­ple will take the mes­sage from it. Don’t be­lieve a word I said. Don’t be­lieve a word I wrote. Search for your­self. Its all out there. As the X-Files say the truth is out there and it is,” he said. “Re­search your­self and you will come to the same con­clu­sion that I have, and I have to tell you that since I made this de­ci­sion and came to this con­clu­sion my life changed in such a positive way… I feel we are all here for a pur­pose, other­wise why are we here and that pur­pose is to im­prove your lit­tle cor­ner of the world in any­way you can. I guess you could say my book is my ef­fort that re­flects that.”

Souli­tude al­ready has an in­ter­na­tional au­di­ence.

“I have a niece who is a pro­fes­sor at the Uni­ver­sity of Michi­gan. She wrote and told me they have a book club in Ann Arbor that is at­tended by a noted neu­ro­sur­geon. She took my book off Kin­dle and they’re go­ing to be us­ing in their book club this fall. That’s a tremen­dous start for two rea­sons; it’s in the States and she’s a sci­en­tist and that’s where we can make progress.”

Brown said while he knows that Shyr­lie is in the af­ter­life and is do­ing all right.

“It is a lit­tle strange and still is for me when you think of a par­al­lel plane to ours and your de­parted is there and you are here, yet you can cor­re­spond with each other,” he said. “I don’t think there’s one scep­tic who has ever had a read­ing. If they did they wouldn’t be a scep­tic. It’s so en­light­en­ing and free­dom giv­ing. I urge you to try it.”


Blair Brown ad­dress the crowd at the launch of his book, Souli­tude, at the Wes­ley Com­mu­nity Her­itage Cen­tre in Bar­ring­ton on Sept. 30.

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