The old judge

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In a cer­tain county in Nova Sco­tia lived an old judge. One day a small child came to speak to this judge. She had heard some­thing about him, which puz­zled her.

She had heard this judge had once sen­tenced some­one to die.

She was per­plexed, as that didn’t seem to her to have been con­sis­tent with his lov­ing fatherly char­ac­ter. When she asked the judge about it, he told her that yes, he had, but he had no choice.

The judge ex­plained that a man had been brought into his court ac­cused of a ter­ri­ble crime. He had com­mit­ted this crime and the jury found him guilty of it. In those days, the law stated any­one hav­ing done what this man did had to die. The judge was forced to sen­tence him accordingly. The man had rea­sons for do­ing what he did. The judge un­der­stood these rea­sons if not his re­sult­ing ac­tions.

Still, jus­tice needed to be served. The right­eous de­mands of the law needed to be met.

One won­ders to what ex­tent God is like this old judge. Surely, God wouldn’t judge us, would He? Doesn’t God love us? But God does love. Par­ents’ love some­times ne­ces­si­tates they dis­ci­pline their chil­dren. Proverbs tells us that who God loves, He chas­tens, He teaches, He cor­rects. No mat­ter how much God loves us, the right­eous de­mands of the law must be met.

The Bi­ble tells us we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. The Angli­can Book of Com­mon Prayer has a prayer in which we de­clare that we have sinned, in thought, word, and deed. We have left un­done those things we ought to have done, and we have done those things we ought not to have done. We, as well, come un­der the right­eous de­mands of the law, and the ver­dict will be much the same.

How­ever, God has a tool in his arse­nal that the judge did not have. Christ came to die in our place, to take the sen­tence for us. He died, so that we wouldnt have to.

Do we know Je­sus? Not just know about Him, do we re­ally know Him, as our own per­sonal Lord and saviour? Do we have a per­sonal re­la­tion­ship with Him?

Why not call out to Him to­day? He loves and calls each one of us to Him­self. Yes, He is lov­ing, but He is also just. Try Him and you will find the best friend you have ever had.

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