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Yar­mouth Sco­tia­bank Western Rip­tide White ban­tam A girls team played a game at home on the week­end ver­sus Metro East In­ferno White and won 3-0.

Jada MacKin­non had one goal and two as­sists. The other goals were scored by Madi­son Cush­ing and Karli MacDon­ald. Carly Kini and Jor­den Nick­er­son each had an as­sist. So­phie Thi­mot was in net for the shutout.


Satur­day, Nov. 24 saw the SeaYa Fish­eries Ban­tam B Mariners face the Western Val­ley Spar­tans In a dou­ble header. Game 1 was a 10-2 win for Yar­mouth. The first pe­riod saw four goals. Scor­ing in the first pe­riod were Jessie Amiro (Wy­att Nick­er­son, Tyler Adams), Chris­tian Lowe (Jaleel Hor­ton, Wy­att Nick­er­son), Adien Good­win (Jessie Amiro, Isaac Tun­ni­cliff) Daniel Ken­ney with and as­sist from Ja­cob Wy­man.

The sec­ond pe­riod saw an­other four goals scored by Chris­tian Lowe (Wy­att Nick­er­son, Jaleel Hor­ton), Jessie Amiro unas­sisted, Daniel Ken­ney (AJ De­veau) and Jaleel Hor­ton (Chris­tian Lowe).

Scor­ing in the third pe­riod were Jessie Amiro to com­plete his hat­trick with as­sists from Ai­den Good­win and Isaac Tun­ni­cliff. Wy­att Nick­er­son scored the fi­nal goal of the game unas­sisted.

The sec­ond game was a nail bit­ter but the Sea-Ya Fish­eries Mariners came out on top with a 5-4 win. Scor­ing were Lan­don Watkins (Jaleel Hor­ton), Isaac Tun­ni­cliff (Jessie Amiro, Blake Lyons), Blake Lyons (Jaleel Hor­ton), Lan­don Watkins (AJ De­veau, Daniel Ken­ney) and Daniel Ken­ney (Lan­don Watkins, AJ De­veau).

On Sun­day Nov. 25 the Mariners faced the Liver­pool Cougars for a 6-3 loss. All 3 goals were scored in the 3rd pe­riod with 2 goals from Jessie Amiro (Jaleel Hor­ton, Con­ner Fitzger­ald and Isaac Tun­ni­cliff). Also scor­ing was Wy­att Nick­er­son (Jaleel Hor­ton).

This week­end the Sea-Ya Fish­eries Mariners are in Bridgetown to face the Western Val­ley Spar­tans on Satur­day.


Charlesville Fish­eries Peewee B Mariners had 3 home games this past week­end. In Game 1 they were de­feated 7-5. In net for the mariners was Miguel Surette. Scor­ing for the Mariners were Brody Smith with two goals, Caleum Hines, Mad­dox D’En­tremont and Co­hen Warner all with one each. As­sists came from Jack d’En­tremont, Char­lie Gosling with two each, Blake Fish, Ma­son Legere, Luke LeBlanc, and Ro­gan Pittman with one each.

In Game 2 the Mariners de­feated Aca­dia 6-4 in an­other tough game. In net was Miguel Surette. Scor­ing for the mariners were Brody Smith and Jack d’En­tremont each with two, and Caleum Hines and Mad­dox D’en­tremont each with one. As­sists went to Mad­dox D’En­tremont with three, Brody Smith with two, Jack D’En­tremont and Tay­lor Good­win with one each.

Game 3 on Sun­day saw the Mariners take on Queens County Cougars de­feat­ing the 6-1. In net was Miguel Surette. Scor­ing for the Mariners were Gabriel Hideib with a hat-trick, Caleum Hines with two, and Do­minick Hazel­ton with one. As­sists went to Mad­dox D’En­tremont with three, Jac­ques Surette and Liam Surette with two each. Caleum Hines and Ma­son Legere each with one.


This past week­end the Wade’s Wire Traps Ban­tam AA Yar­mouth Mariners hosted the Cum­ber­land County Ram­blers in Nova Sco­tia Main­land Hockey League play.

On Satur­day, Yar­mouth won 7-4. Con­nor Prouty led the scor­ing with 3 goals, fol­lowed by Cameron Kerr with 2. Ry­der Travis and Spencer Surette each had one. As­sists went to Alex Barr with 2 while Or­ren Hat­field, Jaden Kerr, Spencer Surette, Ry­der Travis, Jory Ste­wart, and Krew Good­win all had one.

The next morn­ing Yar­mouth goalie Ja­cob At­wood shut out the Ram­blers with a 6-0 win. Michel Comeau and Jory Ste­wart each had 4-point game. Both had 1 goal & 3 as­sists. Cameron Kerr had 2 goals with sin­gles go­ing to Spencer Surette and Jaden Kerr. Other As­sists went to Ry­der Travis with 2. Alex Barr and Jaden Kerr each had one.

This Satur­day the Wade’s Wire Trap Mariners will host the Western Val­ley Spar­tans.


On Satur­day, Nova’s Finest Fish­eries hosted Aca­dia, win­ning 7-2.

In net was Tayvon Gabriel. Scor­ing with one goal each were Chase Perry, Tyler MacLeod, Lu­cas D’En­tremont, and Dal­ton Sears. Ri­ley Hub­bard had a hat­trick. Sin­gle as­sists were from Nolan Saulnier, Dal­ton Sears, Chase Perry, Car­son D’Eon, Isaac Richard­son, Si­mon D’En­tremont, Tyler MacLeod and Chan­dler LeBlanc. Luke MacLeay had 3 as­sists and Drew Gore­ham had 2.

On Sun­day, the Ban­tam A Mariners trav­elled to Wind­sor for their game against West Hants, win­ning 4-3.

In net was Braedan Hip­son. Scor­ing for the mariners were Lu­cas d’En­tremont, Car­son d’Eon, Ri­ley Hub­bard and Tyler MacLeod. As­sists from Chase Perry, Si­mon D’En­tremont, Drew Gore­ham, Dal­ton Sears and Chan­dler LeBlanc.

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