Small mir­a­cles

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of, and it opened the door. He tried the same key the next day, and it didn’t fit. It only fit once, when he needed it.

Those of us who know the Lord Je­sus are prob­a­bly well aware of the small things God does to let us know He is there, and that He hears us. He clothes the lilies of the field, the Scrip­tures tell us. Not a spar­row falls to the earth with­out Him see­ing. The very hairs on our head are num­bered. That is how much He loves us. That is how im­por­tant we are to Him.

As we start a new year we are given a blank can­vas. A new chap­ter in the story of our life per­haps. For some it will mean change of di­rec­tion, new peo­ple, new op­por­tu­ni­ties. One Chris­tian writer wrote that the year will be full of new op­por­tu­ni­ties, many of which we should never take. Lots of de­ci­sions and choices.

As we’re wad­ing through all the new year has to bring, let’s be on the look­out for the small mir­a­cles God sends us. The lit­tle things that show us how much He loves us and cares for us. Things that come when we need them most. Things we may or may not even tell any­one else about, but make us look up and say, I know that was You, God.

Have a great week.

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