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TTHUMBS DOWN: A year without answers

In the early hours and days of the search for Yarmouth County resident Zack Lefave in January 2021, there was still much hope and optimism that Zack would be found, and hopefully found alive.

Sadly, it was not meant to be.

And there's been heartbreak in the days, weeks and months ever since for his family, friends and the community.

Compoundin­g this heartbreak is that there have been no answers about what happened to Zack.

An entire year of no answers.

Someone must know something.

It's long past time to speak up.

The RCMP are waiting to hear from you.

A lot of things went wrong in 2021.

But a lot of things also went right. At the top of that ‘right' list is the people, groups, organizati­ons and businesses that went out of their way to help others throughout the year, whether it was through supporting fundraisin­g efforts, making donations, helping to feed others or doing other things to show their support. We still witness a lot of negativity in our communitie­s – social media comments immediatel­y come to mind.

And there has been division over things such as COVID vaccines.

But the ability to come together when it is needed for others is something we should never let go of. Or fail to appreciate.

It is always good for people to give and to receive.

Thank you everyone.

. . . the ability to come together when it is needed for others is something we should never let go of.

The year 2021 is behind us and, like 2020, it was another difficult year due to the COVID pandemic.

Restrictio­ns, lockdowns, cancellati­ons, gathering limits, vaccinatio­ns, COVID waves, economic pressures, discourse, etc., all contribute­d to another year that came with uncertaint­y at many turns and left us feeling tired and stressed.

We are all navigating this pandemic together, even though the direct impacts can vary on individual­s, families and businesses.

Now, with 2022 underway, things are still far from smooth sailing. All we can do is stay the course and forge ahead.

Eventually, hopefully, there will be a finish line to cross.

We've all pushed through the best we can in these difficult times.

Keep pushing forward folks and, most importantl­y, keep safe.


Again, just because.

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