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‘We can’t stop. How do you stop feeding somebody?’


their Sept. 6 meeting.

“I am always inspired by the work being done by the various groups and organizati­ons throughout Shelburne County,” says Penny Smith, a member of the group's executive.

Since being formed in 2017, the group has given approximat­ely $165,000 to 21 recipients in Shelburne County.

“We've only had two meetings this year, March and September. June's meeting was canceled due to the wildfire but have given out approximat­ely $14,500 in 2023,” says Smith. “The next meeting is Dec. 6 at the Osprey Arts Centre.”

More informatio­n about the group is available on their website: 100womenof­shelburnec­

Back in Villagedal­e, meanwhile, Nickerson continues to make plans for the day. She hosts the associatio­n's food security program mainly from the kitchen in her home, and most recently from a small building in her yard that is currently being used for fundraisin­g purposes. She also has a home-based business Always Proud Crafts and Gifts.

“I usually go shopping 8 o'clock in the morning and try to be open a few hours every day. Because we live here, we have the benefit of saying just ring the bell when you get here. Some of the plant workers we found last fall, they didn't get enough work and when they did work, they worked until 9 or 10 at night. They came then,” says Nickerson.

With the new building, the plan is to hopefully get a few more volunteers to help out and to have set hours of operation.

“Once we get the building up and running, we will be able to call others and say help. For now, I'm the face of it but there's so many in the background that are making this possible,” Nickerson says.

"If the open flag is flying or you know someone who needs food, come down,” says Nickerson, adding the associatio­n also tries to help people in other ways such as providing informatio­n for other community resources. “We're building relationsh­ips in the community that we hope will foster a more loving community."

The latest project undertaken by the associatio­n was a work party to clean the yard around the historic Union Church building near Sebim Beach/Sand Hills Provincial Park.

“We were on the (church) board 30 years ago, my husband and I, when it was fixed up the first time. We had some Christmas music in there… it was a beautiful community event. We would like to bring that back as being a community building. We would love to see services held there again,” says Nickerson.

The associatio­n is searching to see if there is a deed for the building before going any further. “We want to preserve it. We don't want to change the look of it,” says Nickerson, noting there is no community hall in the local area. “We want a place where LBGQ can worship and be safe. They are not promised that in any other church.”

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