Vor­tex Sleeve­less Wet­suit

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There are many rea­sons why the Vor­tex Sleeve­less is the top- sell­ing sleeve­less wet­suit in North Amer­ica. With the max­i­mum race-le­gal neo­prene ( 5 mm), this suit achieves op­ti­mal buoy­ancy, re­duces drag while en­abling ex­cel­lent range- of-mo­tion. Strong swim­mers tend to pre­fer sleeve­less over full- sleeved suits, but the ac­ces­si­ble price, and the com­fort of a lower-pro­file col­lar, and durable dou­ble-bind stitch­ing at the seams make for a leak proof and durable suit that’s sure to help you swim fast.

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