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EV­ERY FALL AND win­ter many peo­ple think about tak­ing on a short fo­cus phase in any one of the three dis­ci­plines in our sport. More of­ten than not, es­pe­cially in Canada, it’s the swim that’s con­sid­ered. This of­ten makes sense just in terms of ease of ac­cess: as days get shorter and colder, putting hours on the bike gets more chal­leng­ing. In to­day’s triathlon world, too, the swim is of­ten the weak link for many com­peti­tors.

So what do we mean by a “fo­cus.” I’m talk­ing about in­creas­ing the vol­ume, fre­quency and in­ten­sity in the de­sired sport, while de­creas­ing the other two for a pe­riod of two to four weeks. I should also state, up front, that I’ve never been a staunch ad­vo­cate of this kind of a fo­cus, but there are ex­cep­tions. Thresh­old sets Tech­ni­cal ses­sion Aer­o­bic sets Off 5 Speed sets Re­peat tech­ni­cal ses­sion Off

4 x (5 x 100 @ 10 sec rest ) In­clude spe­cific drills, cam­era work and dry land cord work 12 x 200 @ 15 sec rest – do half with pull buoy and pad­dles 18 x 50 as de­scend­ing 1-3 x 6 @ 10 sec rest 3,500 m 2,000 m 3,600 m 0m 2,800 m 2,000 m 0m

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