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AS PROOF THAT the New York City Marathon is the “Kon­ae­quiv­a­lent” of the marathon world, a num­ber of dif­fer­ent shoe com­pa­nies of­fered a spe­cial edi­tion shoe this year to com­mem­o­rate one of the world’s big­gest marathons. While you might not be able to track down one of the spe­cial edi­tion Skech­ers Gorun 5 – NYC 2016 that landed in our of­fice, all the in­no­va­tions that you’ll find in the reg­u­lar ver­sion of this shoe are likely to make it a hit for triath­letes look­ing for a fast shoe that still man­ages to in­clude enough cush­ion­ing and sup­port.

It’s hard to be­lieve Skech­ers is al­ready at the fifth edi­tion of the Gorun, but each ver­sion seems to get a bit bet­ter – which will be good news for many triath­letes who have made this such a pop­u­lar shoe in tran­si­tion. While this ver­sion is ob­vi­ously styled for the New York City Marathon, the bot­tom line is that all you need is a set of lace locks or elas­tic laces and you can turn the Gorun 5s into a vir­tu­ally per­fect pair of tri shoes.

The Gorun se­ries has al­ways of­fered al­most all the fea­tures triath­letes look for: a light­weight shoe with a com­fort­able up­per (for bare­foot use in races) that of­fers enough sup­port and cush­ion­ing to get you through a va­ri­ety of dis­tances on tired legs. The Gorun shoes have also al­ways been ex­tremely re­spon­sive, pro­mot­ing a mid-foot strike and mak­ing it re­ally easy to roll onto your toes, en­hanc­ing a fast turnover.

The Gorun 5 does all that in style. The Goknit up­per is ex­tremely com­fort­able and breath­able and re­ally hugs your foot, en­hanced by the air mesh tongue that has elas­tic straps to keep it in place. You can cus­tomize the fit even more with the va­ri­ety of lac­ing op­tions, too. It seems even eas­ier to pull on than other edi­tions thanks to the “Quick Fit” that’s part of this ver­sion’s fea­ture list.

Run­ning in the shoe, though, is where you’ll feel the most dif­fer­ence. The 5GEN cush­ion­ing pro­vides lots of shock ab­sorp­tion with­out adding any weight (the Gorun 5 weighs in at just 213 g) and there’s a “mid-foot strike zone” that does its job – you’ll find it very easy to put your­self in a nice for­ward po­si­tion and turn your feet over quickly in this shoe.

The Gorun 5 prob­a­bly isn’t the shoe for you if you pronate or supinate a great deal, or are a heav­ier run­ner who needs lots of sup­port. It does seem to hit the triathlon sweet spot – lighter run­ners look­ing for a neu­tral shoe – ex­tremely well. The Gorun 5 will no-doubt be a pop­u­lar choice for many triath­letes for vir­tu­ally any dis­tance.– KM


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