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Make sure the tube is com­pletely de­flated. In­sert your tire lever at the op­po­site end of the valve stem and flip the bead over the rim while keep­ing the lever in­serted. You only need one lever. With the wheel in your left hand and braced against the ground, push the lever around the cir­cum­fer­ence of the rim. The bead will peel right over the rim’s edge. Most of the time you can leave the tire half on the wheel and pull the tube out. Check the tire for any cuts, holes or bead dam­age. Go around the en­tire cir­cum­fer­ence of the tire both in­side and out. If you don’t, you could get a sec­ond flat min­utes after your re­pair. There might be a hole some­where in the tire that al­lows the tube to pro­trude. Or a piece of glass might have worked its way un­der the tire. In­spect the wheel’s rim as well – dam­age there could also be the cul­prit. The rim tape is also very im­por­tant – make sure it is in good con­di­tion. If you re­moved the tire com­pletely, in­stall one side of the bead onto the rim. Al­ways make sure the tire is fac­ing the right di­rec­tion (look for a di­rec­tion in­di­ca­tor on the side) and place the tire logo over the valve stem. In­stall the tube and in­flate it slightly so it takes shape. Be­gin from the op­po­site end of the valve and work the bead over the rim with both hands un­til you are close to the valve. Try to use your palms and hand to get most of the tire on. Only use a lever if nec­es­sary. If you avoid us­ing a tire lever, then you lessen the chance of pinch­ing the tube. Be­fore in­flat­ing, al­ways check that the tube is in­serted fully in the tire by mov­ing it back and forth.

Nick Di Cristofaro con­trib­utes to Cana­dian Cycling Mag­a­zine.

Re­move the tire bead with tire levers

Check to en­sure the tube is seated in the tire and not be­tween the rim and the tire bead

In­stall the new or patched tube into the open side of the tire

In­flate tire to de­sired pres­sure

Re­move the flat tube from within the tire

In­spect the tire in­side and out for punc­tures or de­bris

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