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2XU Pro­pel

$840 Thanks to a Nano SCS Coat­ing you get an ex­tra four per cent buoy­ancy, which, cou­pled with the front panel with buoy­ancy in­serts, keeps you nice and high in the wa­ter. Add in the seam­less shoul­der and arm pan­els for en­hanced flex­i­bil­ity along with the su­per-stretchy liner and thin-in-the-right-spots neo­prene and you have an in­cred­i­bly com­fort­able and speedy suit.

Zoot Wiki­wiki

$750 A com­bi­na­tion of Yamo­moto Cell 40, Yamo­moto Cell 39 and SCS Nano rub­ber pro­vide ex­cel­lent flota­tion, flex­i­bil­ity and hy­dro­dy­nam­ics in Zoot’s top-of-the-line suit – wiki­wiki means quick in Hawai­ian, which is ex­actly what you’ll be wear­ing this speed­ster. The spe­cially de­signed arm pan­els cut through the wa­ter with lit­tle re­sis­tance, while the 5-mm think strate­gi­cally placed pan­els around the suit put you high in the wa­ter, help you float and keep you in the op­ti­mal swim­ming po­si­tion that al­lows for lots of ro­ta­tion and a long stroke.

Blue­sev­enty Ther­mal Helix

$950 Look­ing for a suit to keep you go­ing in even the cold­est wa­ter? Look no fur­ther. The Ther­mal Helix takes all the amaz­ing features of the top-of-the-line Helix and adds a warmer lin­ing to get you through swims in wa­ter as cold as 9 C. Ya­mamoto Aerodome and 40 cell rub­ber is strate­gi­cally used through­out the suit in thick­nesses vary­ing from 1.5 to 5 mm to en­sure ex­cel­lent buoy­ancy and flex­i­bil­ity.

Dare2tri Mach 4S

$595 The new Mach 4S im­proves on Dare2tri’s Mach 4 by us­ing a new kind of rub­ber and new SCS coat­ing – what they’re call­ing Glide Skin – to re­duce wa­ter re­sis­tance. That rub­ber is mixed in a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent thick­nesses through­out the suit to give you the best buoy­ancy and shoul­der flex­i­bil­ity. Aqua grip pan­els help keep the wa­ter un­der the arms and legs to im­prove your pull and kick, too.

Huub Al­ba­core

$1,100 The lat­est pre­mium suit from Huub adds to the features that have made their suits so pop­u­lar with some of the world’s fastest pros. A spe­cially de­signed “re­stric­tor” built into the suit helps you stay straight in the wa­ter, while spe­cial high mod­u­lus, high ten­sion neo­prene is strate­gi­cally used to pro­vide ex­cel­lent sup­port and flex­i­bil­ity. The spe­cially de­signed “bi­cep re­lease” en­sures a re­laxed re­cov­ery and catch, while the “elbow re­lease” makes it easy to keep your elbow nice and high on the re­cov­ery, too. The re­sult is a suit that is so flex­i­ble where it needs to be that you hardly feel like you have it on.—km

2XU Pro­pel Zoot Wiki­wiki Blue­sev­enty Ther­mal Helix

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Huub Al­ba­core

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