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It is pos­si­bly the cheap­est “free speed” you can buy. Once you’ve di­alled in your aero po­si­tion and can stay on your bars for as long as pos­si­ble, the next most im­por­tant thing you can do to go fast is buy speedy race wheels and get an aero hel­met. Now that there are so many aero road hel­mets around, they have be­come a pop­u­lar choice for triath­letes, too, as they work well in train­ing and warmer races. Here are some full-fledged aero models to go along with some multi-use op­tions

Garneau P09

$350 De­signed in co-oper­a­tion with aero ex­perts Al­phaman­tis, the P-09 hel­met has min­i­mal frontal sur­face area to keep the hel­met com­pact, while the tail is spe­cially de­signed to pro­mote air­flow at the shoul­ders. The tex­tur­ized golf-ball ef­fect used on the front also helps you cut through the air. Four vents are op­ti­mally po­si­tioned and chan­nel air past your head to help cool you down. The lens lifts up for a fast and easy tran­si­tion and can eas­ily be re­moved with just one hand, too. The com­fort­able straps use a Spi­der­lock sys­tem for easy en­gage­ment.

Spe­cial­ized S-works Evade Tri

$290 It might have the same shape as a TT hel­met, but of­fers more ven­ti­la­tion and a more com­fort­able fit. The mag­netic buckle will help you fly through tran­si­tion, while the strate­gi­cally placed vents ac­tu­ally draw air around your head to cool you down. A com­fort­able fit is en­sured thanks to the Tri­fix web split­ter fit sys­tem that of­fers a five-step height ad­just­ment and a micro-dial to en­sure you are com­fort­able. Spe­cial­ized says you’ll save 46 sec­onds over 40 km com­pared to a stan­dard road hel­met.

Giro Aero­head Ul­ti­mate MIPS

$650 Scar­ily enough, some of us can re­mem­ber Giro’s Ad­van­tage hel­mets that came out in 1985 – the com­pany was a pioneer in the world of aero hel­met de­sign. Grio’s 32 years in the cat­e­gory has re­sulted in the Aero­head Ul­ti­mate, their fastest hel­met ever. The shell is made with Tex­treme car­bon fi­bre, which is lighter and stronger than other car­bon com­pos­ites. The wrap­around eye-shield is made by Zeiss op­tics for out­stand­ing clar­ity – it’s all held on by a mag­netic an­chor. A com­fort­able fit is en­sured by the Roc Loc air fit sys­tem, while your safety is en­hanced by the in­cor­po­ra­tion of the MIPS sys­tem that redi­rects im­pact en­ergy to pro­vide more pro­tec­tion.

Bollé One Road Pre­mium

$229 You can make the Bollé One su­per-aero or ex­tremely ven­ti­lated, or some­where in be­tween. The re­mov­able aero shells turn the hel­met into an aero won­der, while re­mov­ing the shells of­fers up 31 air “in­lets.” Safety is en­hanced thanks to the safety QR code and spe­cially-de­signed LED light. There’s lots of ad­just­ment to en­sure you’ll get a com­fort­able fit and the in­ter­change­able win­ter and sum­mer lin­ings will keep you rid­ing out­side all-year round.

Scott Ca­dence Plus

$300 Scott’s en­gi­neers were asked to come up with an aero hel­met for the Orica-greenedge cycling team and triath­letes now get to ben­e­fit from their work. While it’s de­signed for road rid­ing, there’s lots to love for triath­letes in­clud­ing the fully in­te­grated vi­sor, the op­ti­mized vents that move air through cool­ing chan­nels in­side the hel­met, the com­fort­able Halo fit sys­tem and MIPS brain pro­tec­tion to pro­vide the ul­ti­mate in safety. There’s even win­ter plugs that you can use when you need less air flow­ing through.

Gi­ant Rivet

$230 This triathlon and TT hel­met is de­signed with aero­dy­nam­ics in mind, but still has some ven­ti­la­tion through the front vents, which are po­si­tioned to di­rect air­flow through the in­ter­nal chan­nels to pro­vide some cool­ing. The El­e­ments Strap Sys­tem uses a Cinch Pro fit sys­tem and head-hug­ging web­bing for a com­fort­able and se­cure fit.

Smith Over­take

$320; $365 MIPS This ex­tremely light­weight hel­met pro­vides lots ven­ti­la­tion thanks to the 21 vents that are de­signed to pro­vide lots of air flow with­out hurt­ing aero­dy­namic per­for­mance. Safety is en­hanced by the Koroyd ma­te­rial and you can get this hel­met with MIPS, too, for added im­pact pro­tec­tion. The Va­por­fit ad­justable fit sys­tem en­sures you’ll be com­fort­able, too. A great choice for those look­ing to do a hot, long-dis­tance race or a safety-ori­ented train­ing hel­met that pro­vides lots of ven­ti­la­tion.—km

Scott Ca­dence Plus Smith Over­take Bollé One Road Pre­mium Gi­ant Rivet

Garneau P09 Spe­cial­ized S-works Evade Tri Giro Aero­head Ul­ti­mate MIPS

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