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So why do triath­letes need some­thing dif­fer­ent to the shoes road­ies wear? Well, how of­ten does the typ­i­cal road racer fin­ish his bike and run like a mad­man with his shoes still clipped in to his bike? Tri-spe­cific shoes typ­i­cally have few straps (and never have laces) and come with other features de­signed to help you have a speedy tran­si­tion. Here are a few tri-ori­ented shoes that will fit the bill if you’re in need of a new pair this sea­son:

Garneau Tri X-speed

$140 These bud­get-ori­ented shoes of­fer lots of per­for­mance at an en­try-level-friendly price. The re­in­forced ny­lon out­sole pro­vides lots of stiff­ness (which is what you want – you want all your en­ergy go­ing into the pedal and mov­ing you for­ward, not be­ing ab­sorbed by your shoe) and has some nice ven­ti­la­tion, too. The Tri X-speed is built very much like Garneau’s higher-end shoes – a roomier fit, a syn­thetic leather up­per, a re­versed Vel­cro clo­sure sys­tem and a spe­cial puller and main strap re­ten­tion sys­tem for speedy tran­si­tions.

Spe­cial­ized Comp Road Shoes

$210 Yeah, we talked about be­ing triathlon spe­cific, but triath­letes who like their shoes to feel, well, more road­like will en­joy the ben­e­fits of these Boa dial-clo­sure shoes that are still very easy and quick to tighten up. The Body Geom­e­try sole con­struc­tion and footbed is er­gonom­i­cally de­signed to keep you ef­fi­cient as you pound down on the ped­als. The syn­thetic up­per has mesh vent­ing for a com­fort­able fit that pro­vides lots of breatha­bil­ity. You can also get these in dif­fer­ent widths if you need a wider or nar­rower last to get the op­ti­mal fit.

Shi­mano TR5

$190 Shi­mano has long been a leader when it comes to high-per­form­ing, durable and com­fort­able shoes and the TR5 con­tin­ues that tra­di­tion in style. The T1-quick strap and ex­tra-wide col­lar makes it re­ally easy to get your foot in and out, aid­ing in speedy tran­si­tions, while the 3D breath­able mesh is very com­fort­able, even for bare­foot race use. The light­weight glass fi­bre re­in­forced ny­lon sole pro­vides lots of stiff­ness to en­hance your per­for­mance.

Pearl Izumi Tri Fly V Car­bon

$250Th­ese stylish shoes pro­vide as much per­for­mance as good looks. Thanks to the anatomic TRI clo­sure and fully-lined mesh up­per, your foot will stay comfy even with­out socks while train­ing or rac­ing in the Tri Fly V Car­bon. There’s a su­per-stiff car­bon sole that’s both light and vented, while also pro­vid­ing lots of anatomic and arch sup­port. The dual-den­sity EVA in­sole adds to the com­fort and sup­port, too.

Scott Road Tri Pro

$230 Thanks to a tongue-less de­sign and an adap­tive fit pat­tern, the Tri Pro of­fers an ex­tremely com­fort­able ride in a high-per­form­ing shoe. The wide up­per strap is re­ally easy to pull to tighten things up as you start your ride, while the lower strap al­lows you to dial in the per­fect fit. The Er­go­logic in­sole features an ad­justable arch sup­port and metatarsal but­ton, too, mak­ing this a great op­tion for those folks who strug­gle to find a com­fort­able shoe. The stiff in­jec­tion ny­lon glass fi­bre sole of­fers a huge range of cleat ad­just­ment, too.

Giro Inci­tor Tri

$185 With a wide open­ing that makes it easy to get your foot in or out of, the Inciter Tri has a broad up­per strap and an in­te­grated scuff guard at the heel. All proof that this is a shoe de­signed to take the abuse we rou­tinely hand out as we come into and out of the tran­si­tion area. The low-pro­file, cus­tom-en­gi­neered ny­lon composite out­sole en­sures you’ll get the most out of ev­ery pedal stroke. The breath­able mesh up­per makes this a comfy shoe even in hot­ter con­di­tions, while the moulded EVA footbed en­hances that com­fort level.

Bon­trager Hilo Tri Shoe

$170 You get a ton of value for the price in this tri-spe­cific shoe. The dual strap de­sign of­fers com­fort and quick­ness while the Pow­ertruss sole im­proves stiff­ness (and also per­for­mance) with­out adding ex­cess weight. The in­form Race last of­fers a slightly roomier, high-per­for­mance fit, while the micro-fi­bre mesh up­per is very breath­able. There’s an easy to grab heel loop that makes it eas­ier to pull the shoe on while you’re rid­ing and the top strap is spe­cially de­signed so it won’t pull through so you won’t run into any is­sues head­ing out of T1, ei­ther.—km

Garneau Tri X-speed Pearl Izumi Tri Fly V Car­bon Scott Road Tri Pro Spe­cial­ized Comp Road Shoes

Giro Inci­tor Tri Shi­mano TR5 Bon­trager Hilo Tri Shoe

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