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$400 It’s hard to say whether this is more of a smart watch or GPS sport watch, but the bot­tom line is that the M600 of­fers the best of both worlds in a stylish pack­age. The watch uti­lizes the An­droid Wear op­er­at­ing sys­tem, so it dis­plays alerts from your phone, pro­vid­ing all kinds of data and in­for­ma­tion. It has a gor­geous colour touch dis­play that’s re­ally easy to nav­i­gate and very easy to see. (What’s es­pe­cially nice is the back­light comes on in­tu­itively as you move your wrist, a fea­ture we re­ally liked. The re­minders to get up and move when the M600 de­cides you’ve been sit­ting around too long are pretty cool, too.) The watch even has built in stor­age for music, too, which can be lis­tened to through a Blue­tooth con­nec­tion to head­phones or speak­ers.

In terms of ac­tiv­ity track­ing, the M600 does a great job of mon­i­tor­ing pretty much ev­ery­thing you do – from count­ing your steps to mea­sur­ing your sleep du­ra­tion and qual­ity. When it comes to train­ing, like the Garmin 735 XT, the M600 has an op­ti­cal wrist-based heart rate mon­i­tor and, like the Garmin, it works re­ally well – as long as you have the strap done up tight enough. Po­lar’s elabourate soft­ware sys­tem pro­vides var­i­ous train­ing pro­grams based on your age, fit­ness level and goals, which can all be ac­cessed on the M600. It fig­ures out all kinds of data based on your work­outs, too – your heart rate zones, your train­ing load, your re­cov­ery sta­tus and how many calo­ries you’ve burned.

The GPS mon­i­tor picks up satel­lites very quickly and of­fers ac­cu­rate dis­tance and speed data, along with al­ti­tude and as­cent/de­scent in­for­ma­tion. There are over 100 sport pro­files that you can ac­cess, but of course the im­por­tant ones for a triath­lete – swim, bike, run and mul­tisport are eas­ily ac­cessed with a few swipes on the touch screen. You can ad­just the dis­play, too, so the dis­play shows the info your most in­ter­ested in. The watch can even pick up run­ning cadence from your wrist, so you don’t have to at­tach any other de­vices to get that data.

Once you’re done your work­outs you can eas­ily up­load all your train­ing info to Strava, Train­ing­peaks or other fit­ness apps through a sim­ple Blue­tooth con­nec­tion, so you don’t even need to worry about us­ing a ca­ble to sync things once you’re done. You can even set the watch to cre­ate au­to­matic laps through the Po­lar Flow app to gauge spe­cific parts of each work­out.

We found Po­lar’s V800 to be one of the more stylish and com­fort­able sports watches we’ve worn and the M600 is pos­si­bly even more so. If you’ve been cov­et­ing a smart watch as much as you’ve been think­ing about a sports watch, this is def­i­nitely the prod­uct for you. If you’re look­ing for a bit more of a se­ri­ous train­ing tool that will pro­vide more in depth cy­cling data, you’ll want to have a look at Po­lar’s V800 or one of the other watches in our re­view.

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