THE FALL IS a great time to re­con­nect with friends for fun train­ing ses­sions. This run cir­cuit work­out al­lows ath­letes of a va­ri­ety of run speeds to com­plete a work­out to­gether, while still al­low­ing ath­letes to run at their cur­rent fit­ness. Although the run in­ter­vals are short, over­all this work­out is a long ses­sion of run­ning that in­cor­po­rates strength work through­out.

The cir­cuit is four sets of run in­ter­vals and 10 rep­e­ti­tions of a strength ex­er­cise. Five rounds are de­scribed be­low, which in­cludes a bonus round of in­ter­vals. To keep the group to­gether, faster run­ners per­form more rep­e­ti­tions of the strength work, al­low­ing slower run­ners to catch up for the next run­ning seg­ment.

This ses­sion can be done us­ing a track or by run­ning timed loops in a park or on a trail. Run­ning fast en­cour­ages good run form, and keep­ing the in­ter­vals short helps to main­tain that good form. This work­out is an op­por­tu­nity to work on co­or­di­na­tion through quicker turnover rather than muscling to run at a given pace. The ef­fort for each run in­ter­val should be any­where from a six to an eight out of 10, and less fit ath­letes should take it eas­ier to stay strong for the whole work­out. Fit ath­letes should avoid max­i­mum ef­fort, as the point is to run well, not to try to set a per­sonal speed record.

Both the strength ex­er­cises and the run dis­tances listed are sug­ges­tions. Aim to run about one minute to 90 sec­onds, so ad­just the dis­tance ac­cord­ingly. For the strength ex­er­cises, you can make it “ath­lete’s choice” and al­low each per­son in the group to choose the next ex­er­cise. Have fun with it. Although this is a tough work­out, it goes by quickly and is a great way to earn a din­ner out with your run friends.

If you use a track for this work­out, it is a good idea to switch di­rec­tions af­ter each round to avoid too much stress on your left leg.

Check out Me­lanie Mcquaid’s reg­u­lar train­ing col­umn on p.4. Each cir­cuit con­sists of 1,200 m of run­ning and 40 strength rep­e­ti­tions • Run 300 me­tres • Per­form 10–20 over­head squats • Run 300 me­tres • Per­form 10–20 walk­ing lunges • Twice through • Run 300 me­tres • Per­form 10–20 walk­ing side lunges • Run 300 me­tres • Per­form 10–20 tippy birds • Twice through • Run 300 me­tres • Per­form 10–20 back­wards lunges • Run 300 me­tres • Per­form 10–20 leg lifts/side (if it is not pos­si­ble to lie down, do 10–20 hip hikes) Twice through • • Run 300 me­tres • Per­form 10–20 zig zag lunges • Run 300 me­tres • Per­form 10–20 sin­gle leg squats • Twice through • • • Run 300 me­tres Per­form 10 burpees Four times through

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