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EACH NEW SEA­SON de­mands a re­vised long-term vision with short­term tar­gets. Plan­ning this way makes main­tain­ing fo­cus­ing on the day to day process eas­ier. For some ath­letes, set­ting out­come goals (a goal mea­sured by re­sults or plac­ing) and process goals (per­for­mance­based mea­sures like skill devel­op­ment and per­sonal per­for­mances) is enough to stay on task. For other ath­letes, goals that re­volve en­tirely around per­for­mance or re­sults in the sport don’t feel as mo­ti­vat­ing, even if they are re­al­is­tic based on their cur­rent abil­ity in the sport.

Hav­ing suc­cess with out­come goals is some­times un­con­trol­lable. Bad luck, bad weather, me­chan­i­cal fail­ure and in­jury can all af­fect both your per­for­mance and the out­come of the event. This is why other mea­sures of suc­cess are a great way to en­sure the process of striv­ing for that goal is pos­i­tive and mean­ing­ful. Just be­cause the race doesn’t go well doesn’t mean that the act of pre­par­ing for it is a fail­ure.

In or­der to make goals more tan­gi­ble, im­me­di­ate and ul­ti­mately more mean­ing­ful, you need a rea­son why they make a dif­fer­ence in your life. Here are some ideas for how your goals can be truly mean­ing­ful and stick with you through the sea­son, even if the ac­tual race out­come or per­for­mance is dif­fer­ent from what you planned. Look at the op­por­tu­nity to mas­ter the sport of triathlon as your op­por­tu­nity to in­spire. View how you can in­spire oth­ers by tak­ing a look at your­self from out­side. Whether your dream is be­ing a su­per­hero for your fam­ily or mo­ti­vat­ing friends and col­leagues to com­mit to be­ing in shape, be­com­ing the in­spir­ing per­son you want to be will make your triathlon goals mean­ing­ful.

To that end, add peo­ple to your in­ner cir­cle by declar­ing your goals so that they can share them with you and keep you ac­count­able. Shift­ing your em­pha­sis from “my” suc­cess to “our” suc­cess cre­ates a sup­port net­work that will be in­valu­able for stay­ing mo­ti­vated and com­mit­ted to your goals.

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