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MANY ATH­LETES IN­VEST a lot of time pre­par­ing for a goal event. Hours upon hours are spent on your bike, in the pool and run­ning get­ting ready for this all-im­por­tant event. It would be such a shame if a me­chan­i­cal is­sue with your bike took away your well-earned re­sult. There are ways, though, to pre­vent these mishaps come race day.

If you are fly­ing to your event, get in a few days early to build your bike and work out any kinks. Some­times air­port of­fi­cials will open bike boxes and, most of the time, do not take the same care pack­ing things back up as you did be­fore you left. The most com­mon thing that hap­pens is a rear de­railleur hanger mis­align­ment. If this hap­pens, shift­ing will be com­pro­mised and, in ex­treme cases, the de­railleur might shift into the rear wheel and cause a world of trou­ble.

Once you get the rear de­railleur bolted back on the hanger and the wheel on, have a look at it from be­hind. The hanger should ap­pear straight and the rear de­railleur cage par­al­lel to the cas­sette cogs. If it looks askew in any way, it will have to be re­aligned or even re­placed if it’s cracked. This job is usu­ally best left to pro­fes­sional me­chan­ics who will use a spe­cial tool.

This brings us to my next tip: Bring your bike to a me­chanic if you are wor­ried about any­thing. Large events will usu­ally have on-the-ground tech­ni­cal sup­port peo­ple work­ing on bikes. If in doubt, al­ways let a pro have a look. On the other hand, do not ex­pect a last-minute over­haul at an event. Be pre­pared and get ma­jor work done be­fore the race.


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