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Through her ECFIT Boul­der app and web­site, Erin Car­son is able to share her strength train­ing pro­grams with peo­ple world­wide. Users can choose from pro­grams such as Rinny’s re­turn to Kona pro­gram; a run pro­gram fea­tur­ing dou­ble Olympian Kara Goucher; in-sea­son en­durance train­ing; off-sea­son en­durance train­ing; agility, strength and ply­o­met­rics; as well as a pre-natal pro­gram. Be­low are a few ex­am­ple work­outs from Rinny’s strength pro­gram. For the en­tire series, visit ec­fit­boul­

• Foam Roll lower legs: 1 minute

• Foam Roll Tho­racic Spine Tog­gle: 1 minute

• TRX Lat­eral Lunge: 8 reps

• Back Squat (with Olympic bar): 2 sets, 6 reps

• Dou­ble Leg Bridges: 2 sets, 10 reps

• Al­ter­nate Arm Seated Row (hor­i­zon­tal ca­ble): 2 sets, 8 reps

Race Week Mo­bil­ity-Ac­ti­va­tion-Sta­bil­ity ex­am­ple work­out

• Foam Roll Tho­racic Spine

• Tho­racic Spine Mo­bil­ity

• Down Dog, Up Dog

• Down Dog with al­ter­nate leg lifts

• Pi­geon Hip Stretch

• Dou­ble Leg Bridge and hold

• Lat­eral Step and reach to foot

• Trans­verse Step and reach to foot

Off-sea­son ex­am­ple work­out

Off-sea­son work usu­ally fo­cuses on low neu­ral de­mand and high mus­cu­lar de­mand

• Foam Roll and Tis­sue Care

• Hex Bar Dead­lift: 4 sets, 5–6 reps

• Dumb­bell Chest Press: 4 sets, 5–6 reps

• Dou­ble Arm Squat and Row: 4 x 5–6 Reps

• Dumb­bell Squat and Reach to Over­head Press

• 5 x 20 sec­onds tread­mill sprint­ing

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