ORCA 3.8

Triathlon Magazine Canada - - 2019 BUYER'S GUIDE - KM

$699 Those look­ing for all the buoy­ancy they can get will want to check out Orca’s 3.8. The lift comes from Ex­o­lift pan­els that cover the lower front panel of the suit, along with Aerodome2 pan­els from the lower back to the calf that will put you high in the wa­ter. Those pan­els also help sta­bi­lize your body as you roll through the wa­ter. You don’t lose flex­i­bil­ity through your stroke, though, be­cause Orca has uti­lized 1.5-mm 40 cell neo­prene in the shoul­ders and un­der the arms so you’ve got lots of flex­i­bil­ity where you want it. You get the best of both worlds: a buoy­ant suit with lots of move­ment around the shoul­ders.

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