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Warm up for 10–15 minutes

Do 2–3 x 20 second strides at 8% grade (5 km pace effort) with 1:40 recovery easy jog.

Run 15 minutes at 4–6% running at tempo effort. This should be a 7–8/10 difficulty.

Cool down 10–15 minutes

Building this workout to 30 minutes will greatly benefit outdoor sustainabl­e pace.


Similar to the all-uphill run, short hills on a treadmill are better than an equivalent workout outdoors, as the downhill part is eliminated. Track workouts replicated on a treadmill by creating a speed-equivalent incline interval are a great way to improve capacity with a workout that is less damaging to the body. Running at a specific grade for short, hard repeats is less damaging, as hopping on and off the belt removes accelerati­on and decelerati­on. Accelerati­on and decelerati­on are often the culprits behind speed-related injuries. The incline on the treadmill improves run form, eliminates overstridi­ng and decreases the speed required for an equivalent speed-intensity workout.

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