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Warm up for 10–15 minutes

Do 2–3 x 20 second strides at 8% grade (5 km pace effort) with 1:40 recovery easy jog

8–10 x 20–30 seconds at 5 km pace equivalent with

30 seconds standing rest on the side of the belt. (Make sure you are up to speed before letting go of the side rails!)

10-minute easy cooldown

Race Simulation

One of the hardest workouts to execute in full-distance training is race-specific pacing with fuelling. Carrying excess weight makes race pace more difficult, and properly fuelling long runs at race pace is challengin­g without feed zones. Rather than having someone ride with you or stashing nutrition on your route, doing these workouts on a treadmill simplifies the process. These workouts are an excellent way to train your gut and test the effectiven­ess of your planned nutrition strategy.

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