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Form Smart Swim Goggles work with Jacuzzi swim spas


$257 We can picture the sales pitch now: “Honey, we have to invest in a swim spa – they’re compatible with the heads up display in my Form goggles!”

Form’s wearable technology allows you to see metrics like time, distance, heart rate and stroke rate in a heads-up display (HUD) that appears on the lens of the goggles. You’d be able to see all those metrics except distance while swimming in an Endless Pool or similar spa, but thanks to a new firmware update, athletes using compatible Jacuzzi Hydropool, ThermoSpas and SwimLife swim spas will be able to configure the speed setting of the spa with their goggles. That means they’ll get distance data, too.

Can’t wait to see who can be the first athlete to finish 100 x 100 m with this set up.—KM

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