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The Basics: Tips For The Training Build



This is important for durability in the sport, especially for inexperien­ced or aging triathlete­s. You should implement a basic stretching, core and strength routine, one which is easy to do in your home or garage and requires little equipment. A band, a yoga mat and possibly some dumbbells are all you’ll really need. This is great to incorporat­e at the beginning of your training and throughout the year, but these sessions should be in addition to your swim, ride and run workouts, not as a replacemen­t. There are a ton of sample exercises online.


Begin at around 30 to 40 per cent of your highest training load for the first month (base phase). You should then add volume slowly, leaving very demanding speed work out until your fitness has improved. Be mindful of how your body feels. You should address any ailments, aches and pains now before they potentiall­y become worse as your training ramps up.


Even with the uncertaint­y of the 2021 race season, put together a best-case scenario and document your workouts as you push toward your “A” race, either with pen and paper, Strava, TrainingPe­aks or one of the other online options.

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