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Metaspeed Sky


$325 We haven’t had too much time to run in the new Metaspeed Sky as we go to press, but can confirm that the lightweigh­t shoes (199 g men’s/165 g women’s) offer lots of cushioning thanks to the FF Blast Turbo midsole material that is very responsive and provides excellent spring. The carbon plate appears to do a great job supporting the foot and propels you forward on each step, while the AsicsGrip outsole provides lots of grip.

The Metaspeed Edge will likely be a popular option for triathlete­s with more of a “shuffling” style gate who tend to run at a similar cadence to what they use on the bike. It is set to be released on June 4 and will also retail for $325. It’s a bit lighter than the Metaspeed Sky, weighing 188 g (men’s)/ 160 g (women’s).

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