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For those on the hunt for a cycling computer that provides all the informatio­n they’re likely to need, along with the ability to navigate your way through a new route, Wahoo and Garmin have a couple of computers in the $400 range that are well worth a look. While you won’t get the touchscree­n available on more expensive models, the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt and Garmin Edge 530 pack a lot of power and options in a relatively small and aero package, making them an excellent choice for triathlete­s. Which one is best for you will, in some ways, depend on what other equipment you might have. If you’re part of the Garmin universe, you’re likely to lean that direction. If you’ve jumped on the Wahoo Elemnt Rival sportswatc­h bandwagon, though, the Bolt might be a better fit, as you’ll be able to sync that watch with your computer during a race or transition workout.

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