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Unique Eliminator format

The Montreal race promises to be exciting because it will feature a new format for the World Championsh­ip Triathlon Series – the Eliminator. The race takes place across two days on a super-sprint course that includes a 300-m swim, 7.2-km bike and a 2-km run. There will be two qualifying races on the first day, with the top 10 from each race automatica­lly moving to the final. The athletes who don’t make the cut have a chance to compete in a repechage to earn a spot in the final.

In the final the top 30 will race three super sprint races. At the end of the first race the last 10 will be eliminated, with ten more being dropped after the second race. The last 10 then race for the medals in the third supersprin­t effort.

On the Sunday there will also be a mixed team relay event for the elites.

Age-group competitor­s will have a chance to chase the world sprint title in Montreal, while also having a chance to compete in mixed team relay races.

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the Canadian qualifying program for the worlds, and as we go to print it’s still not certain how the Canadian age-group team will be selected for Montreal.

Racing in Old Montreal

Since its inception, the Montreal event has been based in beautiful Old Montreal. The venue and atmosphere in the city has made it a popular stop for elite triathlete­s. The city seems to have truly embraced the race, allowing race organizers to close a number of streets in the heart of the old town that helps make this one of the most unique triathlon events in the world.

“The race course is really beautiful, going through Old Montreal,” says Montreal’s Alexis Lepage, a member of Canada’s Olympic mixed team relay. “Everyone is really friendly in Quebec, the food is great, it’s a beautiful city. Many of the athletes tell me that Montreal is one of the nicest cities to travel to, so everyone really loves the race.”

As one of Canada’s most popular tourist destinatio­ns, next year’s world championsh­ips will no doubt be a popular race-cation for athletes from around the world.—KM

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