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Named Sport HydraFit Powder


$22 POWDER/PACK WITH FREE WATER BOTTLE While Canadians might not be familiar with Named (pronounced “nah-med,” an acronym for natural medicine), endurance athletes in Europe are all too familiar with the Italian company’s products. Only establishe­d in 2014, when founder Andrea Rosso formed a partnershi­p with one of Italy’s leading natural medicine companies, Named S.P.A., the company has quickly become a major player in the sports nutrition marketplac­e, especially with elite cyclists. In addition to its sponsorshi­p of many pro teams, Named Sport is an official sponsor of all three major Grand Tours – the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta. The company has only just started introducin­g products to the Canadian market, some of which will be of interest to Canadian triathlete­s.

The company’s flagship product, HydraFit powder, is easy to prepare and is both tasty and easy to digest, offering some much-needed, easily digested energy on even the hottest days. There’s considerab­ly more sodium than you’ll find in other sport drinks, which is especially important for long efforts in hot, humid conditions – you know, like summer in Canada. You’ll find the HydraFit powder provides lots of much-needed energy and electrolyt­es, even during intense efforts in hot conditions when one might often run into stomach issues.—KM

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