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Asics Fuji Lite 2


$150 The Fuji Lite 2 is a trail shoe that lives up to that “lite” moniker, weighing a scant 255 g. Using a sustainabl­e design approach, the soft Flytefoam midsole is made with recycled materials. The midsole provides an impressive amount of shock absorption, while you get a surprising amount of forward movement that keeps you moving at a decent tempo. Running on the trails is done best at a quick cadence, and the Fuji Lite 2 makes that easy to achieve. The 4-mm heel drop provides just the right balance between creating that forward motion feel while also providing some excellent stability. The outsole provides lots of traction through the mud and tougher terrain your workouts take you on, too.

The comfortabl­e upper is also made with recycled materials, while the innovative lace garage tongue lets you tuck in the laces so they won’t snag on anything as you fly through the trails.

While the Fuji Lite 2 is made for trails, you’ll find it to be a comfortabl­e tempo option for runs on the roads and grass, too. For lighter triathlete­s who like a neutral shoe that allows them to really turn things over, the Fuji Lite 2 is well worth a look.

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