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Cheap Thrills Under $100


You don’t have to spend hundreds to gain a little more speed and comfort – and let’s face it, anything that makes you race more comfortabl­y can also be a performanc­e win.

Race tires ($100)

“Too often I see fast carbon aero wheels that have bomb-proof, but slow, tires mounted [on them] that can easily offset the benefit of the aero wheels,” says Dean Phillips. Even if you aren’t riding a pricey aero wheelset, you can gain speed by trading the Gatorskins for a faster-rolling set of race tires.

Clip-on aerobars ($100)

If a tri bike isn’t in your budget, you can give your roadie more tri functional­ity by adding a set of accessory aerobars. By getting yourself in a more aerodynami­c position, you can save upwards of 90 seconds on a 40-km course.

Tinted goggles ($20)

You probably use clear goggles in the pool, but in open water, tinted goggles make a world of difference. They help with sun glare and allow you to spot buoys much more easily. And straighter swimming is faster swimming.

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