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Other Indoor Fitness Platforms Take Off


As this issue goes to print there was lots of buzz in the Canadian fitness media about the upcoming arrival of Lululemon’s Mirror and the variety of online fitness classes the company would be offering through its subscripti­on service.

Over the past year, though, we’ve had the opportunit­y to check out some other platforms that are definitely here to stay – Apple’s Fitness+ and, of course, the popular Peloton bike and associated subscripti­on service.

Apple Fitness+ Fitness+ allows you to work out at home with the guidance and inspiratio­n of its certified trainers. With your Apple Watch and a screen you can connect with (iPhone or iPad) and you can use the program anywhere you’d like. New workouts are added regularly, and the huge library of programs includes cycling, yoga, strength and core programs, high intensity training, treadmill and rowing classes, along with many more. You can find sessions as short as five minutes, so you’ll always find something that will work, no matter how busy you are. Since Apple has the rights to pretty much all the music out there, the classes include great soundtrack­s and motivating and knowledgea­ble instructor­s.

Peloton We played with the company’s Bike+ for a few months and were pleasantly surprised with how much the equipment and the workouts work for even the most serious of triathlete­s. Thosee who are fans of spin classes will feel particular­ly at home on the Peloton bike. The content library of workouts is extensive, and the Peloton makes it easy to take a 20-minute FTP test to figure out your training zones to get the most out of your training. As with Zwift, there are rewards for your hard work, which will help keep you motivated. The added bonus with the Peloton is it is easy to turn the screen and take in the weight training and core classes that are part of the Peloton program. For those looking for a simple solution to at home training – no bike setup, etc., the Peloton is worth a look.

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