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There are still some piles of un­wan­ted and un­col­lec­tible gar­bage sit­ting along some road­sides in Cham­plain Town­ship af­ter the an­nual spring clea­nup for hou­se­holds last month. That is get­ting town­ship coun­cil an­noyed.

“You can’t just emp­ty out your house and FYQFDU VT UP QJDL JU BMM VQ u TBJE .BZPS (BSZ Bar­ton du­ring the June 19 coun­cil ses­sion.

.BZPS #BSUPO CSPVHIU VQ UIF JTTVF EVSJOH a re­view of the waste ma­na­ge­ment re­port on the an­nual spring clea­nup/gar­bage col­lec­tion pro­gram. Once a year, re­si­dents are al­lo­wed to put out cer­tain un­wan­ted items for pi­ckup and de­po­sit at the land­fill wi­thout ha­ving to pay the town­ship dis­po­sal fee.

The problem is that there are res­tric­tions and li­mits on what people are al­lo­wed to set out for col­lec­tion du­ring the spring clea­nup. The by­law for the pro­gram states how large a load is al­lo­wed for each ho­meow­ner for spring clea­nup col­lec­tion and al­so states what items are not al­lo­wed.

.BZPS #BSUPO TBJE DPVODJM BOE BENJOJTUSB­tion need “a se­rious look” at re­vie­wing the pro­gram, no­ting that he saw a large pile of used gy­prock set out along the road­side for pi­ckup in one neigh­bou­rhood, even though the spring clea­nup by­law states that leftover or used construc­tion ma­te­rial is lis­ted as unac­cep­table for col­lec­tion. Coun­cil­lor Paul &NJMF %VWBM TVHHFTUFE DIFDLJOH PO IPX other mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ties ma­nage their spring clea­nup pro­grams.

.FBOXIJMF DPVODJM BQQSPWFE B TVHHFTUJPO GSPN $PVODJMMPS .BSD 4ÊHVJO 5IF CZMBX EF­part­ment should contact all ho­meow­ners who still have un­col­lec­tible gar­bage sit­ting on the road­side from the spring clea­nup, of­fer them a one-time-on­ly free de­po­sit cou­pon, and tell them they are res­pon­sible for ta­king that trash soon to the land­fill, on a Sa­tur­day mor­ning when the site is open. This of­fer on­ly ap­plies to ho­meow­ners who put out stuff for the spring clea­nup, which was not al­lo­wed un­der the by­law, and it does not ap­ply to any new gar­bage items of which they might want to dis­pose.

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Des piles de dé­chets in­dé­si­rables sont en­core sur le bord de la route dans le can­ton de Cham­plain, de­puis la cam­pagne an­nuelle de net­toyage du prin­temps en mai. Ces ar­ticles ne fi­gu­raient pas sur la liste des dé­chets ac­cep­tés lors de la col­lecte et...

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