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Ka­rol Tes­sier, de Saint-Po­ly­carpe, au Qué­bec, et Ré­jeanne Bernard, de Saint-Eu­gène, par­tagent un câ­lin et un sou­rire pour la ca­mé­ra lors du Fes­ti­val des sa­veurs de Vank­leek Hill, le 9 sep­tembre. Des di­zaines de kiosques bor­daient la rue et pro­po­saient des en­trées exo­tiques et ap­pé­tis­santes.

Main Street Vank­leek Hill was pa­cked from si­de­walk to si­de­walk Sun­day for the an­nual Fes­ti­val of Fla­vours.

“We love it,” said Réal Sa­rault of Vau­dreuil, Qué­bec, as he took a big bite of his pul­led pork sand­wich. “Vank­leek Hill is a fun place. I so­me­times say, just as a joke, that there’s more things to do here than in Mon­tréal. But this town is real­ly dy­na­mic.”

A horde of people would have agreed with Sa­rault as they wan­de­red up and down along se­ve­ral blocks of Main Street, blo­cked off to traf­fic, on Sep­tem­ber 9, for one of Vank­leek Hill’s most po­pu­lar late-sum­mer fes­ti­vals, cour­te­sy of Ex­cellent Events. Do­zens of kiosks along si­de­walks on both sides of the street of­fe­red a va­rie­ty of fre­sh­ly-co­oked, grilled, bar­be­cued, stir-fried, or ba­ked treats for sam­pling and sna­cking. Other booths pro­vi­ded brow­sing and buying op­por­tu­ni­ties for je­wel­ry, made-at-home lo­cal spices, ho­lis­tic health pro­ducts, and other wares, along with in­for­ma­tion on com­mu­ni­ty clubs, pro­jects, and spe­cial events.

Lo­cal band, 50 Proof, pro­vi­ded live mu­sic with true-to-life co­ver ver­sions of clas­sic rock and blues, ran­ging from The Band to the Rol­ling Stones.

—pho­tos Gregg Chamberlain

See vi­deo À gauche, Réal Sa­rault, de Vau­dreuil au Qué­bec, dé­guste un sand­wich au porc ef­fi­lo­ché fraî­che­ment pré­pa­ré par l’un des ven­deurs le long de la rue Main à Vank­leek Hill, lors du Fes­ti­val des sa­veurs le wee­kend du 9 sep­tembre. À droite, l’ex­po­si­tion de bijoux à la table de la Fon­da­tion de l’Hô­pi­tal Gé­né­ral de Haw­kes­bu­ry et dis­trict a at­ti­ré les nom­breux pas­sants qui se pro­me­naient le long de la rue Main.

—pho­to Gregg Chamberlain

A ve­ry sa­tis­fied cus­to­mer at the Su­la Wok ta­co stand on Vank­leek Hill’s Main Street du­ring Fes­ti­val of Fla­vours, Sep­tem­ber 9.

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