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Not even a wee­kend tor­na­do could stop Jack Jen­sen or other cy­clists from around the Ot­ta­wa area from ri­ding out and through Pres­cott-Rus­sell to help Uni­ted Way.

“Traf­fic was kind of bad because the lights were all out,” said Jen­sen, as he pum­ped up one of the tires on his tou­ring bike. Jen­sen lives in one of the areas of Ot­ta­wa where the po­wer went out as a re­sult of the da­mage done to hy­dro lines by one of two tor­na­does that whir­led across the Ot­ta­wa Ri­ver area bet­ween Ot­ta­wa and Ga­ti­neau.

Jen­sen and other Ot­ta­wa cy­clists were still de­ter­mi­ned to take part in the an­nual Beau’s Ok­to­ber­fest Bike Ride on Sep­tem­ber

UP BJE 6OJUFE 8BZ &WFO JG TPNF IBE to set­tle for dri­ving out first to the Vil­lage of Bour­get in Cla­rence-Ro­ck­land, one of se­ve­ral de­si­gna­ted star­ting points for the an­nual ride.

The other star­ting points were from 0UUBXB JUTFMG PS GSPN $PSOXBMM .PSF UIBO 300 cy­clists took part in this year’s ral­ly, and bet­ween them they rai­sed $63,975 to as­sist XJUI 6OJUFE 8BZ QSPHSBNT GPS USPVCMFE ZPVUI in the Ot­ta­wa and Five Coun­ties regions.

—pho­to Gregg Chamberlain

Plus de 300 cy­clistes de l’est de l’On­ta­rio se sont ins­crits pour par­ti­ci­per à la ran­don­née cy­cliste an­nuelle de l’Ok­to­ber­fest de Beau’s, au pro­fit des pro­grammes de Cen­traide dans la ré­gion. L’évè­ne­ment de cette an­née a per­mis de ré­col­ter 63 975 $ pour sou­te­nir les pro­grammes de Cen­traide, qui viennent en aide aux jeunes en dif­fi­cul­té des ré­gions d’Ot­ta­wa et des cinq com­tés.

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